This is my Mundo!

I’ve been running a mommy-focused retail and marketing business for almost a decade now and thought what better way to celebrate almost 10 years of doing work that almost- always-never-feels-like-work, than by setting up my own personal space here on the net. And why not? when, from the very start, the source of inspiration for Mommy Mundo was my kids (or should I say, my having kids?).  Mommy Mundo was born (no pun intended!) from my own experience as a mother and my passion for my children.

Here I share my own mommy “mundo”, my world– personal experiences as busy, passionate wife, mother, mompreneur– running several businesses while being an active mom and living life to the fullest.  It is in this spirit that I believe I can make my difference because truly, in a strong sense, mommies like me make the world go ’round!